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Microsoft had perhaps the largest number of developers in the world hooked on a language which in turn was hooked to Windows.

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Yet Microsoft took this asset, of incalculable value, and apparently tossed it aside. To think this through, we need to hold in our minds three things. By this I mean the low-level programming interface to Windows, as explained in books like Charles Petzolds Programming Windows. Every Windows programming tool compiles code that s the Windows API. NET; its a bit out of date, but mostly still applies. It is a thtly-coupled standard, which makes it frail for Internet applications.

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Why Microsoft abandoned visual basic 6 in favour of visual basic

Back in 2002, it announced that the language was to be replaced by something new, different and incompatible. Developers expressed emotions ranging from frustration to anger. Second, there is COM, which stands for the Component Object Model. Essentially, it is a mechanism for linking software components together. It is hy complex, which was one of the reasons developers were moving from VB to Java.

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It is a standard, so it works with compiled code at runtime. One of them is Active X controls as found in both Internet Explorer and Visual Basic. It also has versioning problems, causing software failures. NET has a loosely-coupled architecture, idea for Internet and mobile applications.

Write a new line in vb6:

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